• Staind: MTV Band?
    In recent months, with the success of the latest album, it somewhat seemed as though Staind was falling into the hands and embrace of MTV, heading closer and closer towards the feared yet lucrative status of sell-outs. First it was TRL and the dangerous support of MTV that leads to total control, and the music video for their most lovey-dovey song turned boy-band lovers into Staind "fans". Then came the VMA's, which was as lame as MTV itself. After losing the award to Limp Bizkit, which has already sold its soul, there was anticipation of Staind performing on the debut of MTV Unplugged, which brought along with it more fears that Staind had already condemned itself and joined the long list of forever-branded sell-out MTV bands. But then Unplugged aired. And now, there's only one thing that can be said to give Staind's current status. How could a band with so much talent ever be labeled an MTV band? The show was better than amazing and did nothing to establish themselves as being closer to MTV band status. If anything, it proved the immense talent of the group to everyone, whether or not they like that kind of music. But more importantly, MTV was in the long run nothing but a mere tool for the guys to establish themselves even further in the music world and to make a lasting impression on what the group has always been purely about - the music. Staind has undoubtedly changed since it started, but what hasn't changed, despite the temptations of fame and money, is core or essence of the band. It isn't hard to see that they are the same band with a new outlook and different perspective.
  • Staind gets to work on a new album - more details
  • If you missed Staind on MTV Ultrasound, it's now available for download in three formats - mpeg (57MB), wmv (46MB), or mpeg4/divx (39MB).
  • Thanks to Laren for providing me with tons of great live concert MP3's, available for download on the downloads page.
  • In wake of the horrors of the September 11 attacks, American Pearl have re-written their song "Bleed" in response to the tragedy. Titled "Believe," it is free for download at www.americanpearlnet.com.






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