LA Times: They Only Connect

A long article about Staind, a look behind the music, and a view of Staind's place in music.

Hit Parader: Staind Making Their Mark

Staind as the Band Of The Year.

SLAMM: The Devil Inside

Biography of Staind in a local San Diego music magazine.

Rolling Stone: The Power Ballad, Featuring Fred Durst and Aaron Lewis

Short article about Cold's new music video for "Bleed," which features Aaron Lewis doing backup vocals and guitar.

Modern Drummer: Drumming Cycles

Long interview with drummer Jon Wysocki.

Guitar World Acoustic: Undaunted

Long detailed article about Staind's acoustic sound, their performance on MTV, and interview.

Hit Parader: Staind Hitting for the Cycle

Short article on Staind.

Drum Magazine: Jon Wysocki Drums and Darkness

Long article on drummer Jon Wysocki, his place in Staind, and how he views music.

Circus Magazine: On Top Staind It's Definitely A Trip

Decent article on Staind, starting from the beginning.  

MSN Live: Chat with Aaron Lewis

Transcript of live chat with Aaron Lewis.

Spin Magazine: The Reign Of Staind Falls Mainly On The Pained

Brief article on Staind and Aaron Lewis, with an awesome drawing.  

Guitar World: STAIND Class

Long detailed article on guitarist Mike Mushok, his music writing, and his gear.

Rolling Stone: Dark Stars

A look into Staind's music through Aaron Lewis and his life.

Who the Hell Are Staind?

Includes some band info, but might as well check the Band page for complete info.

Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Deftones Please at Rolling Rock Town Fair 2.0

Missed the Rolling Rock Town Fair packed with over 40,000 people?  Here is a brief summary and review of the concert with an even shorter description on Staind's performance.  Too bad Pay-Per-View did not broadcast Staind's performance, which would've topped some of the other acts.

All Access: Go Onstage with Staind

If you missed KROQ's Weenie Roast featuring Staind, here is some info on the festival, including a streaming video from the concert in Irvine, California.

Staind: Emotional Rescue

Here's a good, informative article about Staind on their now released CD, Break the Cycle.  It includes information on the emotional standpoint of their lyrics with focus on Aaron.
For some audio clips, go to

Korn & Staind: Together At Last

Read what the whole band had to say in an MTV interview after releasing their album, Dysfunction, and announcing their tour with Korn.  Mentioned topics include songs off of Dysfunction, touring, and a look into their next album (Break the Cycle).
Click the "Staind Feature" for the interview with Staind.




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