• New Unplugged MP3's
    Since MTV only aired 5 songs, Fade, Outside, It's Been Awhile, Epiphany, and Can't Believe are now available in new mp3 files. The quality is better - it's less scratchy, but it's also a bit echoic.  And they're really in stereo now. On the downloads list, the file names have "new" in them since the old mp3 files which sound a bit different will still be available.

  • "Pressure" and "Suffer" on Unplugged
    I have digitally enhanced both these mp3's. There's a huge difference in the sound, much better than what you get off! Download them now!

  • Enhanced Bootlegs
    I've have enhanced the mp3's from Hampton Beach and Ypsilanti.  The Hampton Beach songs sound much better now - less flat and more definition.

  • New Music Video
    Staind recently worked on filming "Outside," for a new European music video, at The Paramount Theater in their hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts. When the video airs in Europe, look for it on the downloads page.


  • Winamp Skins
    Staind skins from Melly at




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