• Aaron's new tattoo

  • Linkin Park on HBO Reverb
    All six songs on the show available for download as video and mp3.

  • New "Outside" Video
    The new "Outside" video, with the full band playing, is available for download.

  • Aaron's former band, Infinity
    Nine songs from Aaron's former band available for download.  They include early versions of "Outside" and "It's Been Awhile."  In some of the songs there are lines that appear in Staind songs.

  • Staind on Family Values Tour

Aaron singing with Linkin Park on "One Step Closer" 

Click here to see a clip of Aaron singing with Linkin Park

  • Band of the Year: New Hit Parader Article posted on articles page.


  • Technological Advances:
    - Can't Believe
    - Epiphany
    - Outside
    - Fade
    - It's Been Awhile

    are now available for download in high quality divx / mpeg4 format.  They're good enough to watch at FULL SCREEN size.  If you haven't heard of divx / mpeg4, it's a new replacement for mpeg. It has near-DVD quality and small file size. Download the codec and/or player NOW at to watch divx videos.  The codec stand-alone works with Windows Media Player.




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